Game fishing - The river Tywi is one of the finest Sewin rivers in Europe

Coarse fishing - Carmarthenshire has a number of still waters and fisheries

Sea Fishing - Sandy beaches are in abundance

Sylen Lakes Fishery
This fresh spring fed irregular shaped lake contains an island plus various gullies with depths and shallows. The lake is vibrant with pond life and fish activity and suits all variations of fishing methods.

The lake is also renowned for its surface fishing during the summer months with some of the biggest carp being caught off the top. It is extensively stocked with Carp (to over 20lb), Mirror, Common, Ghost as well as Tench and Bream and offers fantastic sport throughout the year. Amenities on-site include ample parking, toilets, disabled pegs and net dipping.

Swiss Valley

Swiss Valley reservoirs are situated just North of Llanelli and consist of two areas, Upper Lliedi and Lower Lliedi.

Upper Lliedi This reservoir has a surface area of 32 acres and is currently utilised as an angling facility by the Llanelli Angling Association with certain designated areas. The water is regularly stocked with both brown and rainbow trout. Fly-fishing is the only method permitted at this site.

Lower Lliedi Has a surface area of approximately 35 acres and is also used as a trout fishery by the Llanelli Angling Association. Fly, spinner and worm fishing are permitted here.

Sea Fishing - Llanelli, Pwill, Bury Port
The fishing tends to be most productive during neap to mid-range tides with the three hours over high tide generally producing the most fish.

Flounder are the dominant species especially throughout the Autumn and Winter when huge shoals of whiting often join them. Throughout the Spring and Summer, the flounder fishing can still be good though attention invariably swings to bass and silver eels with the chance of fine mullet fishing for those anglers prepared to specialise.

One of the big advantages with fishing here is that long range casting is not necessary, indeed many fish are caught by anglers fishing within 40 metres of the beach.